Financial view for sales order - did we get paid the right amount

Our finance team is reporting they have a very difficult time in Epicor figuring out if we got paid the right amount for a given Sales Order. They indicate the problem is there isn’t a single screen that has this information, and that there is some strange problem with deposits(different screens/reports show inconsistent data - we have a tech support case open on this).

So question is, is there a screen we can use that for a given sales order we can see the total amount due, all deposits, payments, writeoffs and other financial activity for the given SO so we can determine if we have been paid the correct amount?

Maybe Order Tracker, although for invoice payments you would need to open each individual invoice in Invoice Tracker.

Hi Jonathan,

To my great surprise we routinely get paid short on many of our deposit down payment request. Instead of issuing a deposit invoice, I have been having our sales department send a proforma to the customer for payment. This is b/c many of our Latin American customers may not pay and I don’t want a financial invoice posted and lingering out there.

With that proforma, we have been doing a deposit cash receipt against the sales order. Problem is the they may end up paying short (sometimes over) the sales order. I would like to gross up the payment to clear the sales order in full and write off the difference to short pay. Is this possible? I would rather do this than have to rely on someone going back and writing off the remaining amount. (Which by the way, there is not edit list for.)

Thanks for your help in advance.

Greatly appreciated.

I mean if you think you can keep track of your financials properly doing it that way I think you can.

But I would think writing off would be better for that, there’s no edit list but you can enable Manual Review which would let you see transactions in Review Journal, not a pretty report but basically the same data.