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I have a short list of customizations that I have worked with since being here at my current employer. However, I am wanting a list of all customizations in the system. I was thinking I saw somewhere that Epicor had a tool to do this quickly.

Search for Customization Maintenance.


I’ve developed a dashboard that shows all Customizations, Report Styles, RDDs, Dashboards, BAQs, EIs, and BPMs. We use it as a checklist to delete unneeded items, as well as what to verify on upgrade tests.

It’s designed specifically based on our design structure (some things get filtered out), but I could share a “full” version if you’d like.

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That be great!

Epicor has a new dashboard the UBC that will be available to on Prem come 11 that does this as well. There is also the Upgrade Analyzer.

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I have looked, and while I do have the Dashboard, I forgot it was written based on external BAQs. I will have to rewrite the BAQs for internal usage in order to share the dashboard.

try the incredibly excellent Dashboard by Doug Kros of Epicor

How do you open a dbd file?

You import it in the Dashboard Designer. The dbd file should have all the BAQ the dashboards need, right inside it.

I forget the exact steps and names of things, as its been over a year since I’ve used Epicor.


Check out chapter 10. Dash Board Utilities in the Epicor ICE 3.1 Tools User Guide

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