Finding API Issues

I am trying to follow the REST Implementation guide a bit and am looking up https://server name/ERP101500/api/help and I get an error. I run the fix connection button and get this issue: The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection. I click on Explore Additional details and get the details that my server is not set up to accept connections on port https. I have the firewall turned off and still having these issues. Ideas?

What error are you getting?

Says Page can’t be displayed, to make sure the SSL and TLS are enabled, then I stated the rest in the previous post.

Do you have the https binding enabled in IIS? Do you have a valid SSL Cert? can you browse to it locally on the server using LocalHost?

Ok, So I created the SSL and put in the binding for the https. Now I can get to https://my server name. However, when I put in https://my server name/ERP101500 it gives me an internal Server Error.

Then with the full path : Https://my server name/erp101500/api/help get SERver Error in ‘/ERP101500’ Application. The resource can not be found.

got it figured out! @josecgomez Thank you for the help!

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