Finding parts in a bin, moving parts to a bin

Here’s you basic question for the day:

What is the easiest way to move items from bin to bin in E10? So far the only thing close I see is the handheld screen for movements - which I can already tell I am going to have to tweak. Is there no screen in the desktop E10 to do this movement?

Second - what different ways do I have to track what all bins a part exists in? I have tried Part Tracker but every single time I hit ANY of the retrieve buttons I get an exception. (see 3 screenshots)

Inventory Transfer is the best way to move Parts around
Material Management -> Inventory Transfer

That exception you should call support on, that shouldn’t be happening… Go look in you Server Logs Event Viewer and see what the actual error is

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Thanks guys. I will forward this on to the IT team. Unfortunately, I don’t even have access to the BPM source folder on the server - which wouldn’t be a huge issue if my IT were more responsive :frowning:

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BTW - Step 1 of any troubleshooting procedure seemed to solve it: Reboot the server lol