Finding remaining QTY on a PO line?

Does anybody know the endpoint that would be best suited to find this information? Using it in an automation process and wanting to do remaining qty calculations from Epicor.

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You could write a query on the PORel table.
and do a calculated field of PORel.ReceivedQty - PORel.XRelQty

[PORel].[PONum] as [PORel_PONum],
[PORel].[POLine] as [PORel_POLine],
[PORel].[PORelNum] as [PORel_PORelNum],
[PORel].[XRelQty] as [PORel_XRelQty],
[PORel].[ReceivedQty] as [PORel_ReceivedQty]
from Erp.PORel as PORel
where (PORel.ReceivedQty <> PORel.XRelQty)

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Appreciate the response!

Was able to find the solution based off what you recommended :smile: