Finite Horizon

I am confused about Finite Horizon. I just read the field help for Finite Horizon Hierarchy and this post:
Finite Horizon heirarchy - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

We have set our site horizon to 365 days. We want to see our jobs scheduled in a finite manner out a whole year. I just noticed that our resource groups, and resources both have 0 in the horizon. The resources are set to finite. Resources are also set to use the resource group values. So, does that mean my 365 days flows down to the resources? Or, do I have to set all of my resources and their resource groups to 365 finite horizon as well?

How far out are your jobs being scheduled now, with the Zero on the resource/groups?

The text does not mention zero, so you have the perfect test scenario to add to the understanding of that hierarchy.

If I look at my Resource Scheduling Board, I can see jobs scheduled all the way through April 2024. I don’t see any after that, but maybe we just don’t have engineered jobs for demand that far out.

I went to the multi resource scheduling board and looked at all the resources in one group. I can see jobs going all the way out to 2026. It gets very sparse after 2023, so perhaps there just aren’t enough jobs to tell if finite horizon is making a difference?

EDIT: I think I found a place where the jobs are overlapping in the future, so I think that means my finite horizon is working.

Looks like we may have an answer - and an addendum to the hierarchy description.