Finite Scheduling and Horizon

Continuing the discussion from FInite Scheduling:

Why would you ever want a job to be scheduled infinitely after a set amount of time? Example: Why have jobs scheduled infinitely if their due date is 181 days out but scheduled finitely if their due date is 180 or less? What’s the point? Why not have all jobs scheduled finitely?

One other question. Say a job is scheduled infinitely because it’s due date is over your horizon, the next time you run your schedule and the job that was scheduled infinitely now has a due date within your horizon, does it now get scheduled finitely?

I’m guessing it has to do with processing power and time. If you run MRP, some places have a tough time getting the run done in the allotted window. It doesn’t help them to have the schedule out perfectly to infinity, so it isn’t worth the computing power to go through the algorithms to get that section scheduled finitely.

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That makes sense and I could see where that might cause some serious slow downs or errors. Thank you!