First Physical Inventory - Count Tag Entry

First physical inventory in Epicor and wondering how to speed up tag entry in Count Tag Entry screen to minimize moving between mouse and keyboard. Hot keys don’t seem to get us there. We have thousands of counts to enter in a short amount of time so every click counts.

Also, after entering counted qty for given tag and saving and closing, how do you go back to that tag? It disappears from the screen and can’t be selected again. Only unreturned tags show in count tag entry.

To speed up data entry, you can change the tab order of UI components, this can be done for/by an individual using a personalization or for all users with a customization. When a user ‘tabs out’ of a field, the next TabOrder in the group of controls is given focus. Be aware that each EpiGroup has a tab order and tabbing works hierarchically, so you tab through all controls in a group and then move onto the group’s sibling controls(next tab order at that level).

I will let someone more familiar with Count Tags weigh in one your second concern.

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I you can select multiple tags at once (use the Tag… button to launch the search and then select multiple tags). Then use the List sheet to show it as a grid. You’ll need to drag the “Counted By” and “Counted Qty” columns over to the left side, like:


If you had the tags in order, just

  1. Select the “Counted By” field
  2. Enter the counter’s initials
  3. Hit the tab key to jump to the “Counted Qty” field
  4. Hit the Down Arrow to save that entry , and go to the next record (tag) below it.
  5. Hit the left Arrow to get back to the “Counted By” field

Rinse and Repeat


P.S. To load already entered tags, you need to check the box in the search form


P.P.S. - You might want to drag the “Counted Date” and “Note” columns over too.

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One option is to create a dashboard based upon an updateable BAQ that allows you enter the data more similar to entering it on a spreadsheet.

Thank you everyone. I even put a ticket in on EpiCare and they didn’t share these ideas.

A couple of warnings if you go with the list entry, and try to use “Paste Update” with data copied from a spreadsheet (it was common for our accountants to want to enter everything in a spreadsheet first then when all counts were final, copy and paste update).

  • The “Tag Num” is really a text field. Excel will strip off the preceding zeros, unless you make that column be text.
  • Paste update will ignore the read only columns (which “Tag” is one of them). So if the rows in excel aren’t in the same order (or there are gaps), the grid will paste the data into the “wrong row”
  • Paste Update starts at the selected row. So make sure to select the row on the list grid (matching the first row of data on your clipboard), before selecting Paste Update