Fiscal Period not listed in Close Fiscal Period program

Noticed an error within the Review Journal that mentioned “Fiscal Period can’t be determined based on Tran Date of 2/6/2023. Main Book. Closing Period num 0”. Went into Fiscal Calendar and this period is setup just like the others; nothing stands out that is incorrect. Also, we noticed in Period Closing that the period in question also doesn’t even have the from/to dates listed next to the actual period referenced.
Any ideas on what we’re missing?

Does the previous period end on 1/31?

I could see an issue with accidentally ending period 1 on 1/30, and period 2 starting 2/1, leaving a gap, thus throwing a wrench into things

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Good idea but they don’t have traditional fiscal periods. They stagger them and January happens to close on Feb5 and new period started Feb6. I appreciate your input though! The issue is getting the periods to be referenced within Close Period Maintenance, that’s where we’re stuck on.

I’ve never done Closing Period Maintenance, that was something only the finance people did.

You say it normally shows the current period with the same start and end dates as the Fiscal Period maintenance?