FOB Survey Question - Please respond direct to Mpladson@epicor.c om

I am looking at possible complications of implementing a request that
Vantage validate the current FOB field. With this enhancement we would add
a table with the possible FOB descriptions and let the user only choose from
that list. Since this is the point at which legal title transfers to the
buyer it makes sense to control the contents of the field. As you know this
field has always been free form and this change would force the description
to come from a table which would have to be entered by someone before you
could ship or invoice.

I have seen many customers with very simple descriptions in this field like
our plant, your plant, origin, destination or the city of the plant you are
shipping from. I have not personally seen hundreds of FOB descriptions
corresponding to all the possible destinations of the product worldwide.

So please let me know where your company stands on FOB

1) Never filled it in and don't care

2) Small number of variations (2-4) very generic like destination, origin
or my city name

3) Moderate number of variations (4-10) based on my plant locations
Minneapolis, Chicago, New Munich etc.

4) Large number of variations, one for every city that Target, Wal-Mart or
K-Mart has a store

5) I have no clue where the product is going until the customer calls for
release and must have the ability to maintain a free form field

Thanks in advance for your response. I will provide feedback to one list
members on your responses in one-two weeks.

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