For SQL Server People

Lest anyone thinks I’m completely anti-SQL, for my NON-Epicor SQL work I’ve discovered a VS Code extension that’s great when you don’t have access to SSMS or you’re running on a Mac or Linux.

The mssql extension is available for free in the extension marketplace with more popular extensions like the Epicor Customization extension. There’s documentation and a video - which is a little dated now and takes a bit before it gets to the meat of the extension. The extension makes saving your queries in source control much easier.

Mark W.


They actually have a VS Code port for working with MSSQL called Azure Data Studio that is designed as a new version of SQL Server Management Studio just like VS Code is a new version of Visual Studio.

Here is a good write up of some of it’s features.


Very cool @John_Mitchell, thanks for that.

Hi Mark,

You can use LINQPad
You can create a DB connection and run SQL syntax query against it. The free version does not provide intellisense though. It also has a xcopy deployment option, practical when you can’t/shouldn’t install Apps on the machine.

You can also do .NET programming stuff and even code Epicor BPMs (there is a post here about it).


Indeed, LINQPad is an excellent tool @carlosqt - especially for developing LINQ-based queries.