Force SysConfig <userSettings> refresh?

We are doing an upgrade and everything is working fine, however one of the things we are trying to do is remove ActiveHomepage as the default launch option
We aren’t ready for that yet, so we changed in the server the sysconfig launchType to shell

 <LaunchType value="Shell" options="Shell|MainMenu|ActiveHome" />

And that works great on any new install, however when the upgrade processes it doesn’t seem to updating this value.
The Version changes, and the zip files (customization files) extract and work, however the LaunchType doesn’t seem to copy over.

Is there a way to force that ? That is to force it to replace the entire sysconfig?


CC @Rich

we use GPO to transfer changed sysconfigs from the deployment folder to clients.


Thanks Rob, just trying to not use a cannon to kill a mosquito but we may have on choice.

I spent like you hours trying to do this once when I wanted to change a userSettings value. After rigorious debugging I couldn’t get it…

If I recall Epicor does something like:

  1. Save userSettings into memory
  2. Download .sysconfig
  3. Download all files if needed and extract
  4. Put back userSettings from memory

I had to do it through Software Center, or GPO. Trust me, I tried for 2-4 hours, even to exploit it :smiley: no go.

I even made a Deployment Package which extracts itself to the clients to /config/ dir (it worked) but the userSettings still merged After-Update :smiley: since its like the “last action that happens”

No Go

The only thing I could think of throw a temporary Client Side Customization on SysMonitor when it launches On Form Load you go modify the .sysconfig xml.

I had a PowerShell script that would update individual key values (usually the Help url was hosed) but it made a backup copy and then updated the keys. It’s not difficult (just XML) and could be done in a login script.

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Sorry @josecgomez, I have no magic hidden options for you.

Since the beginning, userSettings section was designed to be preserved over updates and upgrades. Recently, we have been getting requests (mostly from Epicor SaaS) to add some sort of Override or Force change option but so far no work has been done on that.