Forecast cannot view FC parts

I imported a forecast and want to review what I loaded. I cannot seem to search for items in my forecast. The only way I can see what’s there is to enter the part number.

Either I’m stupid, or Epicor is stupid. I prefer the latter. Is there a way to see all three parts that I have entered into the forecast?

I have used a BAQ when I wanted a list of forecast parts

Thanks. Yep I figured it out as well. Crazy that Epicor does not have it elsewhere. I’m an expert at BAQs, but too bad for people who are not.

I suppose many people use 3rd party apps such as Sales Force for forecasting, so it’s nice that you can import into Epicor.

Hey Bruce - maybe you can help with something else… I don’t know what relieves the forecast. I created a forecast, entered a sales order with a due date within the forecast dates, i.e. fc for 500 on 5/01/2022 and SO due 05/15/2022.

I thought entering a sales order was the trigger to relieve the forecast, but it did not. So I shipped and invoiced the item and the forecast shows zero consumed.

Thanks in advance.

The following explanation is from an old answerbook (I think it still applies). Or if you have access to EpicCare might want to check for newer documentation there.

  • A forecast is just a guess of what is going to happen.
  • When MRP is run, a forecast is consumed by sales orders. The Sales Orders will “consume” forecasts that are in the same timeframe window as defined in Company Configuration > MRP > Days Before and Days After. The ‘consumed quantity’ is the value that was in the forecast as a projection of activity, but is now
    real part activity in your system.
  • Calculation
    Look at the Days Before and Days After. A forecast has to be used up within this date range. Sales orders
    that exist (based on the Ship By date on the release line) within this date range are consumed. It’s not a
    calculation so much that Order Quantity is compared to Consumed Quantity and the consumed quantity will
    increase until it is equal to the Order Quantity or when the date is no longer within the Before & After range.

If order falls within date range and Consumed Qty is less than Order Quantity, then this order will be
included in the Order Quantity for this forecast until this value is equal or the dates run out, then the
Consumed Qty will move on to the next Order Qty, provided it falls within the appropriate date range.

My days before/after are zero. Could that be the reason? I ran MRP and still no consumed quantities. I’m going to set these to 15 days each, run MRP and see what happens. Thanks again.