Forecasting with Epicor Partner Smart Forecast

We are researching this software.

Any major issues when using or implementing Smart Forecast?

Hi Brian,

We just purchased the software and starting to implement it. They did a final demo with our data and so far I did not see any potential issues yet with the exception that it highlighted where our part data fields where not complete or up to date with the the information needed.EX: Purchased lead-times, min/max levels etc. I will let you know how things go. We will be utilizing a smart staff planner to run the software for us and help train our staff once the position is filled. The key is that you need to have the right person with the right skill set to own this integration and be responsible for what goes back and forth to Epicor based on the analytics and recommendations to the management team… Other key users can view the data and results and maybe do what if scenarios thru the limited access you give to them. Its great software with all the analytics built in to do an efficient. Its going to save our staff hours of work each week.