Foreign Key View added field are read only

I added a foreign key view to link table and when I add field from this table it always are read only and I can’t change it?
Look the below image.

No, that is correct. It is a VIEW only.

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So how can I link table to updated it?

There are multiple ways to accomplish this but I would want more details before sending you down a path. Could you provide some background and screen shots?

I am interested in finding out more about this. “View only” for FKV works if the user to right clicks to the UI they should be in to update the data, but I was wondering if they would be able to update the field in the UI they are already in. My specific example is that I am trying update the NonConf Comment from the Corrective Action UI. I added a tab and added the NonCon Data through FKV but it is read only.\

Is there a way to do this without adding UD columns and making data directives to push the text around?

Yes, but it will require a lot more code. Essentially, you will need to use code to perform the same steps that the normal entry screen would use to update the field(s).