Foreign Key View from Payroll Employee to EmpBasic

I am having difficulty creating a Foreign Key View (FKV) on the Payroll Maintenance menu to EmpBasic. Specifically, I need a UD field attached to the EmpBasic table. Using methods I know, I either get no data or a link to the PREmpMas table.

First, there is a EmpBasic view already present when I open the data tools message box. However, whenever I link a text box to that NV, it returns empty with every column I’ve tried. Originally, I tried to create a FKV to that NV to be able to return the UD fields. However, once I discovered it was blank, it was obviously blank, as well.

I also have tried to create a new FKV from PREmployee (which does return data) to EmpBasic using:

Parent View Name: PREmployee
View Type: Foreign Key View

Column Name: EmpID
Like Column Value: EmpBasic.EmpID
Adapter Name: EmpBasicAdapter
Get By Type: StringGetByID

This returns the PREmpMas fields, instead of the EmpBasic fields. I also set it up the same with:

Like Column Value: PREmployee.EmpID
Adapter Name: PREmployeeAdapter

And got the same results, PREmpMas fields. I also tried IntegerGetByID.

Any thoughts on this? Is this a permissions issue between EmpBasic and PREmpMas? I know I have Payroll Manager permissions to access these employees I’m checking.

If there isn’t a way to establish an FKV, what is the best workaround on this? I want a Text box to return a UD field from EmpBasic.