Form customization, Epibindings


Have added user defined fields to OrderDtl table that are displayed on customized Order Entry form.

Want to show same fields on customized Job Entry form.

I can choose the ud fields from the OrderDtl table when setting the EpiBinding while customizing Job Entry.

Fields show up when Job is loaded in Job Entry form.


Updating the fields in Order Entry, hitting save, and then refreshing Job in Job Entry does not show updates. Need to ether load a different job or exit Job Entry and come back to that Job

Why does the EpiBinding work when form is first loaded but not when refreshed ???


How did you show the field’s value?

If I understand your question correctly, I simple added a text control to customize the JobEntry form and I set the EpiBinding to “OrderDtl.myUserDefinedFieldName”.

You would think it would, but that’s just how the refresh logic works on that screen.

You might be able to refresh just that dataview, but I haven’t looked to see.

Have you tried to clear and reopen the job instead of closing the screen?

Indeed clear and reopen does work, seems like odd behavior.
But if that’s just the way the refresh logic works on that screen, I’ll accept that.

I was wanting to make sure I didn’t go about it the wrong way as this is fairly new to me,
I’m comfortable that it’s fine and users will just have to be aware and get used to it.

Job Entry is a big pain for this kind of thing. I have written BPMs that reconfigure the job in significant ways and I could not use a customization to refresh the screen (could be different now though).

The refresh logic is not always consistent from screen to screen unfortunately.
Different programmers, different times, etc.

Unfortunate, but something we’ve had to deal with.

Some screens don’t even have refresh logic!