FormatString property (To set a numeric field format) in Kinetic


In Classic mode customization, we had the option to set a mask and a formatstring. For example, my mask would be nnnnnnnnn to have 9 digits saved in the database. To display the information to the user, I would use ###-###-###. That way, the user could copy / paste to another screen when he needs to enter the information


However, when adding a numeric field in Kinetic Application Studio, I don’t see the option corresponding to ‘formatString’. I only see the Mask and it doesn’t seem to work unfortunately. Am I wrong or is it not possible to do this?

Had the same problem just now.
Found if I put in 99999.
It returns a whole 5 digit number, no decimals. Now to suppress leading zero, lol

Figured out for Numeric Fields the Mask Value for US, 2 Decimals is:

Works for me…
George Hicks

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I’m late to the party but I needed the functionnality to work now and I found my thread again. Thanks for the answer, it works great !!