Im trying to set a form control on a text box. I have a drop down that I want to control property of the text box to read only if a value is anything other than “Other” Any ideas how I would do that in a form control.

Epicor 10.2.300.9

Work on the dataView not the controls. Epicor has row rules for this exact reason and they work great. Create a rowrule for this, look at the customization guide for how to do this is a click wizard so its pretty trivial

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Thanks that did the trick.

Agreed with Jose.

@Rich actually explained it pretty well

In the Epicor Client, the data controls the UI elements and the Epi-Controls respond to the Extended Properties “metadata” defining both a column and a cell. You do not color a control, you color the data; You do not disable a control, you disable the data. We do this so that any control displaying the data - individual field, Grid, or control added via Customization - will display and managed the data in the same way.

Use Row Rules and the UI will behave as you expect.
– Rich from Epicor, The Man, The Myth, The Legend.