Freight costing to job

Greetings everyone,

We are trying to post freight charges to a job entry.
everything seems fine but when are printing the edit list, we are getting the GL account of AP posting for material purchase. But we want it to be posted in GL account of Misc Charges.

Any small clue will help to sort this out.


Why does it have to be on the job?

Because while calculating the final cost of that particular job, we want the freight charges to be included in it.

you can provide any better solution also, if you have any.

Do you make one job per invoice line?

If I had understood your question correctly,

we make one invoice line per material line.

What happens when you include the freight cost as a miscellaneous charge on the invoice line?

That we can do, but after that, charges will not be linked with the job number.

I see. Do you do make to order jobs or are you doing make to stock jobs and then shipping from stock? Or do you do both?

we make, make to order jobs mostly.

So when you ship you are shipping from the job. The invoice line is tied to a shipment and the shipment is tied to a job, therefore you do have charges that are linked to a job when you put them as a miscellaneous charge on the invoice line.

Unless you are trying to use something like the production detail report to try and analyze costs, I think you could effectively see what freight charges went to each job and then report on those.

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actually, we want to post freight charges to the material we had order for making the job. So it will be included in AP invoice entry and we want to post it with misc GL account and assign it to the job cost also.

I see!

Is this material purchase direct to a job or do you stock this material and then issue it to a job?

direct to job and issue job material

Interesting… I am going to be of no help, but I think there are many great people on here that may be able to help.

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