From make to stock to make to order

Epicor version 9.05.701

After some discussions I envisage that we will be changing the way we manufacture from “make to stock” to “make to order”.
My Question is…is this just a tickbox in company settings OR plant settings or something else?
Thank you in advance.

Epicor allows for full “mixed-mode” manufacturing. That is to say that you can have some parts made to stock, and some made to order.

On Sales Order Entry, release TAB you can check the box for Make Direct. This causes MRP to create suggested jobs with demand link and MTO instead of MTS.

On Job entry, the way you set demand (qty) is via: Make to Stock / Make to Order / Make to Job

In summary, there isn’t a magic switch that you throw on Company settings, instead it’s down at the SO / Job level.

Not sure if its the case in your version but we had some Orders ticked as Make Direct and was traced to some Manufactured Parts on the Part Master that had been incorrectly been set up as Non Stock. So this maybe a way of setting up your parts so the Order defaults to Make Direct.


Parts have to be setup as Non Stock.

Vinay Kamboj

if we go down the “make to order” route…
ticking the boxes on sales orders etc and making non - stock in part entry
then run MRP
what happens to sub assemblies?..(so for eg the order is for product X which is manufactured and made up of parts Y and Z which can be either Purchased or Manufactured)…my Q is are jobs created for the manufactured Y/Z sub assemblies? AND is there a purchase order suggestion for if Y/Z is a purchase part?

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It should work as it would for Stock parts i.e. created jobs or purchase suggestions as required.

Vinay Kamboj

Sub parts Y and Z would be suggested by the appropriate action after MRP runs.

If manufactured, a manufacturing suggestion would be created as well as any suggested for any assemblies under that suggestion.

If purchased, a purchasing suggestion would be created for any subcontract or material requirements.


For Make to Order, is it possible to track the usage of particular part since it ships directly from job and we don’t see STK-CUS transaction which gives us the visibility.

Thank you in advance.

@JAhuja You will have a MFG-CUS for the shipment.

Hi Greg,
Do you think we can see the usage of specific part if we do MTO and not MTS?

Thank you!

Yes, as @gpayne said, you’ll still see usage, just will be different Part Transaction types.

One thing people like about NonStock (Direct) is that there are obvious links between your demands and supplies. On the other hand I’ve heard complaints about Nonstock resulting in more records/transactions for Purchasing & Inventory.

e.g. instead of one PORel for stock to supply two Job, you would probably have a separate PORel for each Job. I’ve seen some inventory depts that tag their parts with their demand - JobMtl, SORel numbers.

Epicor used to have a handy, one page document that compared NonStock and Stock. But sorry… I can’t remember where I found it.

One Issue that currently I am seeing is I cannot the MRP suggestion for MTO even though SO is selected as Make Direct. Can anyone explain why is that happening?


@JAhuja Have you run MRP for that part only and looked at the MRP logs generated to see what Epicor is using to process the demand? I know for our make direct releases the unfirm jobs would be made overnight with a net change run.

Do you have the Epicor10_techrefMaterialRequirementsPlanning_xxxx for your version?