FRx and Vantage Connection

Posted on this late the other day with no responses to perhaps it got missed. For any FRx users out there one question....were there any additional steps in setting up the FRxData database in SQL Server?

When I don't create any users for the database I can't set up the DSN link to it. But when I do try to set up users I get rights issues and can't run Report Designer against the exported Vantage data. The guide dated 3/7/2002 is says only "Go into SQL Manager and add a new database named "FRxData"." Since this does not work I have to wonder if there is more to it.

I've been working on this with support but apparently the person dealing was out yesterday and today, until Monday, and I need to get FRx working today. I'm not sure if they passed the call to someone else so in the mean time I was hoping there is at least one other FRx user around here who has set it up themselves.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.
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