Fulfillment Workbench Data

I have a user that would like to automate a report he does every day. His data source is the fulfillment workbench, search by ship date and then export to excel by the right click context menu.

For some reason I can not get the number of lines to match, Fulfillment Workbench is missing lines that I am returning that are open. They are all make-direct jobs that are tied sales orders, but there are some make-direct jobs do appear in FWB though. That’s the only correlation I can figure out though.

I have checked plants records, non stock etc
Part records, nothing sticks out there
Job head/detail tables, nothing matches for all of the missing jobs there
Part Allocation table
part operations

I’ve compared MD jobs that appear in FWB to ones that don’t in all the the tables above, but I see no correlation to why certain ones do not show up. Is there a stored procedure to populate FWB or a coded table some where to pull the data that would point me in some direction or does someone have the magic bullet I’m missing?

Thanks!! Any help is greatly appreciated!!