Fulfillment Workbench, Job Start Dates, and Material Due Dates

Fulfillment Workbench → Job Fulfillment gives me a nice list of all jobs, each material they require, and the availability of each material.

Some of these materials are required at the very start of the job, so the Scheduled Start Date and the Available quantity combine to give me a solid idea of what jobs I need to run today, and if the materials are available.

FWB also shows me the materials I will need for the job at a later date. Some materials are required for operations that will start x number of days from the start of the first operation. A subset of these materials will arrive ‘just in time’ and will most likely not be in stock on the job start date, but will be in stock on the related operations start date, so if a material is not available today, FWB will tell me that, but that doesn’t automatically mean I do not have the necessary materials to start this job today. The Related Operation start date seems like a missing piece of the puzzle here. It feels like FWB wants me to use the Order Fill % column to know if I can run a job or not, and I want that too, but in this situation an Order Fill % of < 100% does not directly relate to a job that is short material.

I might be missing something here, but it seems like an option to be able to pull in job/material lines by operation start date instead of job start date would be helpful.