Function of Inter-Company flag in Supplier Maintenance

Can anyone help me understand the purpose of the Inter-Company checkbox in Supplier Maintenance?

Field help says “This is an inter-company vendor”, and the field is Vendor.ICVend. This is different from the IC Trader flag (Vendor.ICTrader). Neither the User Guide nor the Multi-Site Tech Ref docs mention it as part of multi-company setup, although the checkbox and field name seems like it should be related.

Here’s a snip from the screen:


  • Jeff

Do you have multi company setup?

This flag enables a supplier to conduct intercompany transactions. If you have more than one company in epicor, the multi company functions allow you to automate and link somewhat like edi transactions and keep financials clean.

If you do not use mutlicompany, I believe this field has no other use.

-Bryan DeRuvo

Jeff sorry IC trader controls the multicompany functions.

The intercompany field. We use this in conjunction with changing the GL Control code and have a BPM to ensure only inter company records have the seperate GL control code.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the field has any non-BPM functionality?

BTW - Yes, this is in a multi-company environment, where I set IC Trader for the inter-company suppliers. I’ve never been able to figure out what that other field actually did, and thought maybe someone else might have figured it out.

Hello Jeff,

This checkbox is for intercompany process… If you setup the intercompany process and lets say you have 2 companies (A and B)
-A- will be a supplier on company- B-
On company -B- you create a PO for supplier -A-
When the muli company process runs
You run the Incoming Intercompany PO Suggestions on Company -A- and you will receive the PO suggestion of company -B-
Then that PO suggestion can be converted to a SO on Company -A- and can continue with the multi company process.

Hope I make myself clear… it can be a little tricky.

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Hi Dora,

Thanks for the response. According to the Multi-Site, the IC Trader checkbox is for intercompany processing. I have the system set up and successfully doing intercompany transactions with the IC Trader box checked and the Inter-Company checkbox unchecked. This makes me think that despite the name, the Inter-Company checkbox has different functionality.

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It appears the inter-company does affect GL posting for STK/MFG-CUS transactions: