FW: Advanced billing & Inventory issues

I forward all Inventory/Purchasing mail on to our Purchasing Manager.
He has an answer for you.

Good Luck


We have a similar problem customer. This is how we handle it. We set up
a separate warehouse to keep track of our customer stock parts. When we
make to parts, we put a job in the system to make to our stock
(inventory) and issue a corresponding SO to ship those part from our
stock. We used this paperwork to bill our customer. Because of we do it
this way we can not make a warehouse transfer, so we just adjust the
part into our customer warehouse. When we ship part to our customer we
just issue an SO to ship parts out of their warehouse at no charge.
Hope this helps you out.
Ron Kruger
Purchasing Manager
Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
Phone: 712-324-4854
Fax: 712-324-4522

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We have a customer that wants to place an order with us so that
we make the parts and then store them. We are to bill the
customer as soon as the parts are made, *not* when they are
shipped. Obviously, we need to keep track of this inventory of
finished parts.

If we create a separate warehouse, we can 'transfer' the parts, and
track the inventory that way. However, transferring is not the same
as shipping, and hence we won't be able to bill the customer.

We've considered creating a different company, setting it up as the
customer, shipping the parts from our main company to this
customer company, but that seems like a lot of extra work.

Does anyone else have this problem? How would you suggest
addressing this?

Thanks in advance!

Malcolm Spann
Malmberg Engineering
(925) 606-6500 x19
(925) 606-6505 FAX

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