FW: Attack on America

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From: Rashell Hernandez
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 11:24 AM
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Subject: FW: Attack on America

As most of us I am trying to find a way to help
America stay united. We have all experienced this
tragedy in some way if not immediately then distantly.
The stories that have been told of all the innocent
victims, and rescuers have really brought tears to my
eyes and prayers from my heart.

I can't express enough how much I fell we need to
stick together and above all pray and seek higher
assistance. I know God has his hand on our country,
after all he has the whole world in his hands. And
some may question why he could allow this. It really
makes me examine myself, he wants us to cast our cares
on him and lay our burdens at his feet. If we trust
in him and continue to show great faith he will lead
and direct this country.

I began thinking about how our country has united.
This travesty has truly brought us closer let us pray
that these Cords of Love which bind Americans together
may never be broken. I searched for a flag to
purchase in the area I live and they are tough to
find. I began to think of unity and how during
dessert storm we had yellow ribbons. What color would
we use for this instance.

I analyzed the colors of our flag:
Red: shed of blood, which has happened. It also
stands for bravery and strength, which America has
proven we have.
Blue: Loyalty, we as Americans have been loyal to our
fellow brothers and sisters during this time. And the
rescuers never giving up how loyal is that. The
support we give to the President we have loyalty in
this nation.
White: Innocence like those who's lives have been

If we unite these three colors they make:
Lavender: A decent of purple which stands for courage
we obviously have that. And High Rank/Royalty well
our government, military, firefighters, Policemen and
all those who have been a strong hand in this
situation you are high rank you are royalty in my

Let's wear lavender ribbons to show the world we are
united and we support each other. Let us continue to
stand hand in hand, pray that God's love, mercy, and
direction is poured out through our land. "America"

Salenna Hernandez
Tuolumne County, CA