FW: Joining Joboper and LaborDtl

Join JobOper to LaborDtl as follows:

JobOper.Company -> LabporDtl.Company
JobOper.JobNumber -> LabporDtl.JobNumber
JobOper.AssemblySeq -> LabporDtl.AssemblySeq
JobOper.OperSeq -> LabporDtl.OperSeq
Hi, I am trying to create a modified Work Center Efficiency report in
Report Builder. It looks to me like all the data I need is in JobOper and
LaborDtl tables, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how does
one relate to the other. I would appriciate all input.

Also I just got done polishing a RB report for payroll verification and ADP
import. It is beauty. If anybody wants one please, e-mail me off the list.

Oleg Tumarkin
Systems Administrator

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