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On another note, you could you the Miscellaneous Shipments function in
Shipping Receiving. You can send to Vendors or Customer, You can ref a
PO, and you can freestyle most of the rest of the document. It produces
a fairly professional appearance, with the freedom to include just about
any info you want. It does not affect the PO, Inventory or Job qty's.

Just a thought. Check it out.
Rhonda Sherer

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Scott, I am interested in what others will have to tell you about this.
We are on 5.0, and I hope there are some improvements in this area with

My question to you first is, do you buy the main component to stock, and
find the
problem before you issue to the job? OR is the problem found after the
is issued? or do you buy to the job? do you have the inspection function
in use?

There are some pitfalls we have found, and it depends on what your starting
is. Mainly the PO is never "told" that there is a problem, so if you use a
and get a good part back later, then you have to increase the PO quantity,
adjust it to stock and pay the original invoice to the vendor.

If it is received to Inspection or to the Job, then there are a bunch more
to consider.

I would like to know if those on 5.2 have checked out this part of the
and what was found.

Currently, if we think we will need to reject something, we receive to
don't clear anything in vantage until after everything has been checked.
There is
more to this, if you want I can email the procedure. It's mostly for
but will work for material, too.

If you want to email off-line I can do that too.

Rhonda Sherer
Reeder & Kline Machine Co.

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Subject: Nonconformance of replaceable component from purchased part

Mauell Corporation purchases video equipment for some jobs. In some cases,
the equipment is purchased as a complete unit from a supplier and,
accordingly, it is added to a job as a single material requirement. A good
example of this would be a video projector. However, the equipment
sometimes does not conform to Mauell's requirements because a single
replaceable component is not functioning properly. A good example of this
would be a replaceable lamp inside the projector. Mauell normally obtains a
RMA from the supplier for the replaceable component only. I would like to
enter a job material nonconformance for the purchased unit but create a DMR
and obtain a RMA only for the defective component. Does anyone know a
workaround for this situation? Would a phantom BOM (something Mauell has
never used) provide a solution?

Scott Lepley
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Mauell Corporation
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