FW: Vantage - Cost of New User License

We are on Version 3. Our costs to date per user license has been $5,550
Canadian and that is the cost which has been raised to $7,000.

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What version of Vantage are you using? The last time we checked, a user
license for us would cost $5200.

On a more social note, I didn't realize we had another Vantage user so close
by. We are over by the police HQ at Maple Grove and Cherry Blossom. I heard
the next closest facility using Vantage is in Georgetown.

Brian Boyes,
Systems Administrator,
Precision Resource Canada Ltd.

> We ordered another user license last week and today I got the
> news the the
> cost has increased substantially - $1,500 Canadian to be
> precise. I was
> wondering if there had been any advance notice of this and I
> just missed it
> or if anyone else had heard about this.
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