FW: Windows 2000 Licensing

The Terminal Server CAL is a different license than a Win2k standard user
license. On Windows 2000 Server the Terminal Server is part of the OS. The
Terminal Server must be activated in order to certify the TS-server and
allow it issue TS-client licenses. A license server is activated using the
Licensing wizard, which is located in the Terminal Services Licensing tool.

Windows 2000 OS users are automatically licensed as Terminal Server Clients
(but you must have a standard CAL). Non-Windows 2000 users must have
TS-Client Licenses to connect to the Win2k Terminal Server. However, you
can issue Win95/98 systems a temporary 90-day license.

On the W2K Server, under Admin-Tools select the "Terminal Server Client
Creator". Get two 3.5" disks and let it create the installation disks for
TS-Clients. Run the installation at the 95/98 workstations and you will
have a 90-day license until you purchase the TS-licenses. Hope this helps.

> no they are 95/98

> Are your users Win2k Pro or Win 95/98?

> I need guidance please. we have WIN2000, with terminal server. I am
> continually getting a message that says "No license available for
> product SMBSserver 5.0. I purchased 2000 which came with 5 CALs. I
> then purchased an additional 5 CALs. Why is my server reporting this
> message. I show in LIcense manager 10 user SMBS licenses. Needless
> to say, this message is precluding users from getting on the server.