FYI - Get shipments on 4.0 Patch 901 has changed

In Company Configuration, we set packing slip = invoice date. We create one
A/R group per week using Monday's date. Today we were unable to Get
Shipments even though they were checked as Ready to Invoice. Thank you,
Epicor Support, for the quick solution!!!

As of the 901 patch, the A/R Invoice Entry Group Date must be equal to or
greater than the shipment date in order for shipments to be pulled into the
group and create the invoices. Easy workaround is to use the last day of
the week or month instead of the first day. Help screens have not yet been
updated to reflect this change.

Hope this information saves others the perplexing and frustrating situation
that we just encountered. Happiness is....... being able to create our A/R
invoices again!

Change request 4442MPS. Planned for Vantage 5.00.

Deb Wilmoth
Reeder & Kline Machine Company

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