FYI: Receipt Entry Form issues

So I was tasked to do a simple customization in Receipt Entry. What I found was a very unusual bug. From what I can determine, only in Receipt Entry does the shortcuts for cutting, copying, and pasting not work.

You can also not copy from or paste into the script editor from an application outside of Epicor.

Epicor support was able to replicate this issue in both and 10.1.600.24. So they created a Problem Case number: PRB0193932.

Sorry about the hypertext play with the bold text. I was having fun.

Any news since?

See this thread. It’s not just receipt entry.

Thanks @Banderson,

In order to make it work with CRTL+ Ins, I have to change my keyboard settings. Still can’t use CTRL + C what ever I do. At least, I have something.

I can’t figure why the double-click was working in Epicor 9 Customisation and not in 10. Does it have anything to do with a bad karma and now, we have to pay for it :slight_smile: ?

You mean double click to highlight? Yeah, that’s never been a function in E10. It would be super helpful and is a common gripe.