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We are trying to move away from an access database that gathers documents and put them in a specific location ie Sales order folder. I would like to enter so number and gather specific documents that are stored in various locations on our file server. Has any one done this?

I think we’ll need more context. Is this for printing? For employee review in Epicor? or…?

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this would have all the transaction document related to lot numbers or job numbers and this would then be printed as a requirement for a customer required need.

So something more like a DocStar?

Yes but unfortunately we cant get that as we did not budget for it. so im kinda looking too see if any one came up with a non doc star alternative.

The printing part is where it get’s tricky. Using the attachment tables can be managed to do what you are looking for pretty easily, but packet printing you would need something special for. I feel like someone out there had a program that did attachment collection and printing but that was way back on 9 don’t remember who it was.

Okay sounds good. Well if we can get our data into Epicor to start with that might be a good starting point. lol

Do you have the Document Management Module in Epicor. That should be able to do what you want.

Vinay Kamboj

Yes we have the document management module but not all of the information required is in epicor.


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You can attach any document and type to anything in Epicor. Like we use it to attach customer pos to SOs and drawings to parts etc.

Vinay Kamboj

Use your document management module. One of the options in Company Maintenance is to configure the way it stores documents. At time of shipment, you can open Order Tracker and access all of the attachments for each order, and then print whatever is required for the customer.
Alternately, you could create a BPM that copies the attachments from the order to the packing slip when the new line is added. Then everything is on the packing slip ready to be printed as individual attachments. DocStar would automate the printing for you, but without it, you can print one-by-one.

that sounds like a good Idea but im still struggling on getting the right information add to the order. We are working on that at the moment.