General Ledger Report generations

I did the same by adding a second server and moved Vantage to it, I ran into
problems on the clients because the registry entries were pointing to the
old server. On the client thats running slow, search the registry for the
old server name, see if any vantage related stuff is pointing to the old
server. Hack the registry to fix or I believe epicor has a program for this.
I just changed the registry entries.

Patrick J. Winter
Information Services Manager
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 3.00.614, Progress 8.3A

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Vantage version 3.00.632 run on an NT 4.0 server. NT 4.0 and Win95

2 1/2 months ago, we installed a new server which now houses Vantage and
is our data storage while the old server is still on the network
operating exchange, ftp, etc. I simply loaded progress (8.3a) and
vantage onto the new server and transferred the database. Everything
worked great except for one item.