Generate a meaningful PCID (specify the number)? 2022.2.8

Hey there,

I’d like to generate a PCID on the fly with a BPM, and I’d like to specify the “ID” part of the new PCID record.

The PCID scheme I’m looking at is composed of two sequence numbers, like 123456 123, so the PCID would be 123456001.

I don’t see any input parameter in Erp.BO.PkgControlGenPCID.GeneratePCID or anything in Erp.PkgControlIDGenerator that would let me change this.

I suppose I get try getting a new generator record with Erp.PkgControlIDGenerator.GetNewPkgControlIDGenerator and try setting the PCID field in code, along with the other data, and then update that.

Has anyone managed to do this? Helpful hints?



I don’t think you can.