Generate payables without putting inventory in stock

How do you generate payables without receiving inventory into epicor? We put inventory into the system that isn’t really in house by receiving POs in order to create the payable. Is there no other way to generate a payable? The current process is rendering the open order report useless.

Hi Amy and Welcome!

While it’s not something we use and I’m not sure of all the details - there is Logged Invoice Entry function that might help. It seems like it would allow you to post the invoices when you receive them whether you’ve received the PO or not; then you can add the PO receipt lines later. According to what I’m seeing the invoices would still need to be approved before they could be paid.

I’m curious about why you create the payables before receipt of material since we don’t worry about posting the invoice until we receive the material - but our transit times for incoming materials are only a couple of days.


There is an option to create Miscellaneous invoice in the invoice entry, this does not require any PO.

Is this an advanced payment for materials you will physically receive later or just to process an invoice to a vendor?

As @prash172 mentioned, misc invoice will work.
If you will be receiving materials at point, maybe advanced payments would be an option.