Generic Windows Training for users?

We consistently find that our biggest struggles in IT stem from general computer / Windows illiteracy amongst users. These people are otherwise good at their jobs and more than capable of learning… they just don’t seem to put in any effort at getting better with technology. My personal pet peeve is Windows File Explorer – half our users don’t seem to understand how file storage works – so much wasted time dealing with helping people find/share files…

I’m wondering if anyone here has had any success in deploying “Windows training” whether it be an actual web based subscription program or maybe just a series of good youtube videos?

Doesn’t help that the search can act strange with network drives. All I know is I’m not great at teaching that kind of stuff because its too intuitive for me. Windows training sounds like torture to me :joy:

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This is only going to get worse as younger people “learn technology” from their phones. And documents storage on phones is WAY different than a file structure on a dektop.


Not sure if you have an HRIS system, but some of them have trainings built in that you can assign users.

Yeah, if you grew up with a card catalog at the library (look it up, kids), you understand the pain of one chunk of data being filed in the wrong spot.

I’d have to echo @ckrusen, it’s not a skill, it’s a mindset.

I think the closest non-geeky thing to database structure is double-entry accounting. Maybe force training on that, and they won’t even know they are learning about computers.

We have users who all their files from the beginning of time in My Documents. Have been told millions of times to create folders and organize, but just won’t do it. They say it is easy to find using the search/ sort etc. And the files are named like ABC1, ABC2, etc.

Some people are just set in their ways and do not want to change.

Vinay Kamboj

And it doesn’t help that Microsoft is making it so that the idea of storage is so abstract anymore.

I miss the days when Ctrl+S on a new file would bring up the Save As dialog showing a list of files and the current directory. But now you get some confusing screen with choices between OneDrive, browse, etc…

Is this…

really better than this …

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F12 brings up the old-school save screen. That’s all I use.