Get SalesRepCode from currentuser


I have made a updateable dashboard where users have an overview of there quotes. The filter is based on a table criteria where the name of the salesRep begins with the BAQ currentUserID constant. But thats tricky when the UserID does not match the first name of the salesrep.

So i want to filter on SalesRepCode, from the CurrentUserID. Is that possible?
For now i have this:

I think if you connect the UserFile table to the SalesRep table you may be able to connect the current user id as needed, then filter.

As was mentioned above, UserFile is one way to get from the userid to a name. Another possible way to go from userid to SalesRep would be SalesAuth (authorized user) IF you have authorized users setup right.

We enforce territories using SalesAuth in a number of BAQs, linking the current user id to SalesAuth then to SalesRep (for View All Territories) or current user id to SalesAuth then to SalesTRP (for the specific territory)

Thank you, it works:)