Get Server Name


I’m generating and storing images in the configurator to be used in SSRS reports.

I can hard-code in the server name when I save the file, but am trying to find out how to tell what the current server name is at save time.

I’ve looked in the Ice tables, but haven’t found it.

Any ideas? Or easier ways to store them so the SSRS report can find them?



There is a ReportServerUrl field in the Built-in Fields category when editing expressions. You can use it with this Globals!ReportServerUrl. Sounds like it give you an idea of the server the report is running off of. I’ve never used it myself.

Maybe this might help (close to bottom of thread)

Another, bigger issue is knowing which database I’m working in. Is it Test, Live, etc. That should go into the path to keep them separate for testing and development.

Any ideas?