Get the Vendor and Ship To portion of the SSRSS POForm to print on the top of EVERY page?

Hey all,

I was wondering if there was any way to get this portion of the POForm to print on every page, much like the header?

I have tried checking these two items for the tablix’s as well:

I’ve also tried putting the information into the header, but it will not save if i do that either…
Any ideas? Thanks!!

You need to open up the Advanced Mode in report builder. It’s the carrot all the way to the right of Column Groups.

Once you do that , you will see a bunch of (Static) rows under Row Groups.

Select the (Static) rows that you want to repeat one at a time and go over to the Properties section.

Set the Repeat On New Page to true for the rows you want to repeat. The only catch is that you have to mark all (Static) rows that are at the same level as True.

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Thanks for the reply, thats good to know! However, all of the static rows are set as true already, but it still isnt printing on every new page…

Do you have an expression set somewhere that suppresses the rows on pages that do not = 1?

If there is something like that on the POForm, it would have been on there by default. I didn’t set anything like that. Is there a good way for me to check and see if there is an expression like that possibly somewhere?

You need to get the rows you want to repeat out of the Group they are in. Right click and insert outside group above and then cut and paste the data into the new rows. Once you have done all that, make sure the new (Static) rows are marked to print on each page and you should be all set. That is what I just did and now it is repeating.

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THANKS, this worked! I really appreciate your help, made my day much easier!