Get Value of custom TextBox control to use in condition

Trying to get the entered text value from a text box to use in an Event condition.

Can I just set the condition expression to be

{myTxtBox.Text} === "some value"

Or is there something else to it?

Get the value from the field the textbox is bound to. What is that textbox bound to?

It’s unbound.

It will be used for entering a password to do a restricted action by select users.

User enters the password and clicks button. I want to create an event to check the password, and if correct proceed with the rest of the event.

Bind it to TransView then, you can use TransView for a holding place for data you want to do something with but isn’t necessarily related to anything.

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BTW / Un-Related restriction actions in the front end of an Angular application is a bit like plugging a hole with a fine mesh

All security / restrictions should be enforced server side Angular is fully client side and can be fully manipulated in the browser.

Whatever logic your “password” is protecting should be moved completely to the server side.


^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^

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I’m an enabler. Here ya go, but you should probably heed Jose’s warning.

Bind your textbox to TransView.WhateverFieldNameYouWant

Then you can do whatever you want with that. No need to input the data and save, either, since TransView is runtime.

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Cheers Jose, when I say restricted action all I mean is it runs an Epicor Function that we don’t want users without the password to run.

Probably could use some form of Epicor security for that though, we’ve just never bothered to implement any low-level security properly.

Aaron the mad-man with the dirty hacks!

Thanks! I’m sure I can find a correct way to run this!

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Right but that function should itself check the password (make the password a parameter in that function) assuming you are referring to Epicor Function (feature)

If you mean like an Epicor Process then use process security for it.


Listen to Jose and not Erron (<— Aaron’s evil co-programmer)

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I certainly am! Thanks for the help. It’s 10mins till home time and I had a blank moment!