Getting an error in Customer Tracker regarding negative open invoices

The language of the error message is as follows: An error occured trying to set a value of ‘-1’ in an EpiNumericEditor. The controls EpiBinding is ‘Customer.TotOpenInvoices’.

I’ve seen a simmilar error relating to Customer.TotOpenOrders, but we usually are able to fix that one by simply creating a dummy order for that customer. Getting the error for open invoices is something new. Is there a simple fix, do we need to contact Epicor and run a conversion program? Any help with this would be excellent.

Don’t have E9 to test,

but in E10, whenever I have problem with Customer Tracker, I run the following Conversions

Run Seq 1030
This program will recalculate credit totals for all customers based on orders, invoices and payment instruments. It will run against all companies to which the user has access.



Not sure if this applies.