Getting closer to

I noticed the logo has changed.


As head of the “Who Moved My Cheese?” group, it’s one of my responsibilities to notice these things. :question: :mouse::cheese:


You betcha it’s on it’s way

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I like it. Altough, the Patreon logo (link to) is missing in the header.

@josecgomez Normal?

Thanks @louis.fequet hadn’t noticed that we’ll fix it.

The logo and the theme changed too :slight_smile: (though not if you manually changed yours before)

However you should be able to switch to the new themes in your user settings if you so chose to.


I was about to make a request to be able to hide the categories, on the “home” page, as you have to scroll past them all on mobile devices. But then I saw:


[ fist pumping YES! ]

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If you dont like the blue background like me, for OCD reasons you can switch to legacy lite mode and get the simple theme :slight_smile: Thanks for that option!!!



Don’t get used to it, it will be removed eventually otherwise I’m trying to maintain 4 code bases, not a long term thing I’m willing to do.

Thats where a Chrome Extension comes in overriding the .css with the Base Discourse CSS :smiley: lol

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I logged out.

Logged back in.

Did Refresh. Nothing Shows.

shift + f5, gotta give the cache a kick in the pants, Javascript changes don’t take quite the same as CSS ones

Its better now (he forgot to click the save button though he denies it happened)

Good. Everything’s back!

@jgiese.wci you should just have a .less or .scss file you can maintain and it can compile 4 diff styles :smiley: so you maintain 1

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I don’t get that level of control over the css. I get a custom css per theme no cross over

@josecgomez Any interest in a Slack workspace, Telegram Group or Discord Channel?

I can already barely keep up with this site lol… I don’t need more places pinging me about stuff LoL
Also if we split into slack and or other platform then we splinter the information.
The nice thing about this site is that everything is here and everything is available to everyone.

It is already pretty “live” (slack like) I would say as long as you are logged in


So that’s a no to the Twitch livestream too? :joy:

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He wouldn’t dare he knows I would SWAT him

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