Getting data from UltraCombo

Hi everyone.
I have a customisation in the order entry form to enable the users to select a project reference. I have a UD Table that contains cust id, project number and project description.

I have a BAQ that takes the cust ID and returns project associated with that customer.

In my customisation I am populating an UltraCombo with this BAQ and this works great, it shows me the available project descriptions and the project number.

When I select the correct value I want to store the description against the field associated to the combo, but I also want to writhed the project number to another text box.

So the question is, having selected a value from my UltraCombo, is it possible to get the data from one of the other columns?

I hope this makes sense?

Many thanks,


It sounds like you may have complicated this a bit.
If the data is in a UD table, then use an EpiCombo (not EpiUltraCombo). It will do the linking to the table for you if you select the right adapter (no code). Also, you can filter the data based off of another field on the current table. Lastly, it has the ability to store a description value to another field. All without a line of code in the script editor (although a little filtering code on the EpiCombo properties).

Thanks for this, I didn’t know I could to this, so may be another option, but I need to filter the content based on customer ID (one of the columns in my UD table) from the current sales order how would I do this?

Here is a generic filter setup for an EpiCombo.

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