Getting part Weight onto Sales Order Form

Thanks Rob.

I did set this up just like you stated. I used the foreign key view to pull in the "NetWeight" from Part to populate a numeric control I placed on the Sales Order Form.

Rob suggestion was:
My suggestion would be to push your OrderQty*NetWeight calculated value
permanently into an OrderDtl.Number## ud field (and force an otrans.update() so it is saved) - and then link your "nedEpicCustom2" numeric control to OrderDtl.Number## - and then perhaps force an otrans.refresh() so it is sure to display.

If anyone could point me in the right direction as to finding information on how to setup "an OrderDtl.Number## ud field" it would be greatly apperciated.

My programming experience started Monday the 18 of May 2009, so I am about a new as this as possible.

Thank You

Gene Mack
Johnson Systems