Ghost Job from past keeps printing when printing new jobs. Mystery!

Hello all,

I am really hoping someone can help me figure out this odd behavior in E10:

When user is printing Job Travelers, we have an old job that will print periodically print instead of the new job. This happens several times a week and has led to a lot of confusion when people are moving quickly. To be clear - the old closed job prints and the desired new job does not print at all. Here is what I’ve done so far to troubleshoot:

  1. Intercepted the xml from System Monitor for the “wrong job” - the data is indeed for the OLD JOB. so this is not a printing issue. Note that it is the SAME old job that prints every time.
  2. Reinstalled client on users computer. This behavior only happens for this user, which is probably noteworthy.

After the new client install, we are still experiencing the same issue. Any thoughts or wisdom?

Thanks , Alice

Hi @Alice_Elizabeth,

I know you said you re-installed the client for this user who is experiencing this issue but have you also renamed\deleted the C:\ProgramData\Epicor\E10ServerName-808\ folder? I believe this folder holds some cached and temp files for the user for dashboards and reports, etc. Maybe if you rename\delete those temp\cached files on this user’s local system that will fix this problem?

Thank you so much. I will try that.

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We saw the same thing with Order Entry. In our case, have the user open the Job Traveler print screen, go to actions and remove defaults.


Mark W.


what is being reset if I were to “remove defaults”?

Everything on the Selection and Filter tab for THIS REPORT ONLY. In our case, the filter had the one order number stuck. This is a by-user setting.

Mark W.

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thank you…just wanted to make sure I understood what I was clearing.

That same thing happened to us for PackSlip printing it saved one particular packslip in the defaults and nothing else would ever print for that particular users, took me literally years to figure it out.

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To clarify- if the user is printing Job Travelers from Job Entry screen, will clearing the defaults in the Job Traveler window make any difference? This particular user just got a new PC and this continues to be an issue so I’m assuming it doesn’t have anything to do with cache on C:

Correct, because these options are stored with the user in the database. Have them move to another PC. If they get the old slip, clear the defaults. It’s only for that user and that report alone. It’s really a low-risk operation.

Mark W.


It would be part of their Epicor settings the issue would travel with them wherever they go.

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Low risk to the point they might not even know they have defaults saved LOL



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Thank you both! I cleared the defaults and will be waiting in anticipation. This is happening quite often so I’m sure I will find out if the issue is resolved soon.

Just to be clear on the clearing, you did this in that particular user’s login, correct? :wink:

yes, indeed. Feeling optimistic. As of right now, anyway

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Holy cow, we’ve been having this problem with material tags for years. It happens so rarely that we haven’t been able to track it down. I will have to see if this works for that as well, unfortunately I will have to check all our MES stations.

Well, I hope it works for you all but the credit goes to Epicor Support on this gem when we came across it.

Mark W.

Awesome! This fixed an issue I was having with invoices for MONTHS.

We seem to be fixed as well. Thank you so much Mark and all who helped.