Give read only access to a company for users


We have multiple companies setup in our Epicor 10 system. There are some users who have both read/write access in their respective companies. But we need to give those users read only access to data in other companies. Is this possible? If yes, please advise how to implement this.


Welcome. Yes, this is possible. The User and Security Group table are global and do not belong to a company. The Menu system is global but the company ID is available to control by company. One suggestion is to create your security groups with the company as a prefix and ALL or Gbl to indicate all company access. The naming is for you, it doesn’t actually control the access.

So in your case, create a security group that is for read access only: COMPB-Trackers or something like that. Then in Menu security for Company B, add just the trackers for access. Next assign that group to the users who will have read-only access to company B.

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You can control it with this BPM per Company even if that’s what you need (Auditor Role)… or as Mark said use Security groups for actual user control.

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Thank you Mark for your suggestion. I created a group like you recommended. But ‘All companies’ is checked by default. When I try to unselect ‘All Companies’ and save, it gets selected again. Any idea, how to fix this?pic1

Security Groups are global, so I wouldn’t worry about that setting.

The more important thing is that you add this Security Group to the Security Tab of the Menu Item for the Company that it applies to. This is what actually controls the access to that menu item.