Giving Someone Customization?


I set up a new user and they have access to (Sales) Order Entry. But we use a modified version. I have never had an issue before when setting up new users, just with this person, they aren’t showing up under the Customizations when I look it up in Developer Mode. Anyone have a clue what is the issue?

Well they won’t actually be in the personalization list until they actually personalize it.

What is your problem exactly?

Our Order Entry has a field called Destination Customer. Everyone I have ever set up automatically gets this version. But not this new user here, she logged in and that field is missing. She’s stuck on the default.

You sure she is opening the right menu item from the correct location?

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You set the customization on the menu and then give those users access to the menu with the customization.

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Make sure you set the customization on all menu items for Order Entry. Hint, there are 2


Thank you everyone.

Turns out while the security is the same for both Order Entries, one did not have the proper customization set via Menu Maintenance. And apparently, she was just the first person to have chosen that one.



I hereby split this solution evenly between all participants.

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Did that work? :rofl:


Nice. That has got me before too. When I set a new customization on the menu, I make sure to do a menu search for all possible entries.