GL Account Category anywhere?


I know we can make use of the category fields for an account segment (we have 4 accounts segments - Location-Natural Account-Dept-Other).

However, we would like to assign a distinct category to the entire GL account string for reporting purposes, not just at the segment level.

Is there anyway to do this or would we need a user defined field at the GL account level?

sample below:

Thank you

In the Financial Report Designer, you can specify a specific GL Segments (or even down to the GL Acct ) for a row.

But if that accounts Chart has a category assigned, then you cant use the Category for a row in the financial report. Otherwise the account would show on both lines of the financial report.

For example:

  • A Category Tech Sales exists
  • Chart 5800 is named Technical Sales and is assigned category Tech Sales
  • A GL Acct 58-00-03 exists

Having a financial Report row with Selection type Select Category: Tech Sales:


And another row of selection type Select Accts with some account details specified:


Will show as an error when you do a syntax check.


Note that error’s in the Syntax Check don’t prevent the Financial Report from running, but rather show that the output would not be accurate.

Thanks for replying Calvin. I haven’t used the Financials Reports feature before, but will give it a look.

So your your steps would somehow allow me to assign a “category” to an account string, versus just for a segment? Thats ultimately all we want to do, so we can use it in a BAQ.

Unfortunately no. Categories are assigned to Chart segment values. So any GLAcct that uses that chart “belongs” to the chart’s category.

I think the Categories are just “tags” primarily used by the financial reports. While you could use them in a BAQ the same way the Financial Reports does, you’ll need to also check for the specific Account too.

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